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Need more backlinks? Struggling to setup campaigns? Don't want to rely on VA's to "do it right"? BacklinkSEO has automated the process!

Our simple and easy to use system allows you to promote new blog posts, products, services, find resources, link opportunities and more!
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The most easiest way to build backlinks and relationships
 using BacklinkSEO

Building Relationships

While writing a blog post, if you happen to mention someone in your blog post reach out and connect with them!

Spot The Resource

Offer your post to websites that have resource pages. Use this campaign type to start the conversation to get featured.


Similar to resource pages, you’ll find several pages on the Internet that have tools lists. Reach out to nail your spot on the list.

Get Reviewed

Getting reviews about your product from other sites is a great way to gain more exposure.Usually all you have to do is get on their radar.

Skyscraper Technique 

You’ll often find sites that will have links to old posts that no longer have updated information. Import a list of those sites and start the outreach process!

Offer Expertise

Several websites on the Internet write posts where they get experts to weigh in on a particular topic. If you are an expert showcase it!

Round Up

You’ll find certain sites that release periodic link round ups where they link to several different products and services.

Custom Search

At times, you simply need to reach out to particular people from particular job sectors or related to certain keywords. This is your campaign type for just that.

More Coming Soon...

Looking for more campaign types? Don't worry we are always adding new and improved ways to do outreach!
Looking to start saving time and gaining more backlinks?
With BacklinkSEO, you get results: get new backlinks, gain anchor insights, detect lost links, changes in link statuses, find easy to optimize pages, and increase conversions.
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