Build & Monitor  Backlinks Easily!

We help you automate your backlink outreach and monitor your backlink profile so that  you can gain more backlinks and grow your traffic.


Optimize Your Backlink Workflow

We save SEO teams hundreds of hours, by helping track key backlinks from paid, exchange, outreach and other campaign sources. Detect a change. Know exactly what to fix. Save additional time by automating all your backlink outreach.

Backlink Overview

Gain a birds eye view on your backlink profile with a focus on the most important links


Deeper insights on your backlinks, which ones are bring you customers and which can be improved.

Link Status

The links you made are they still dofollow? Are they live? Who did you get them from? We monitor it all


Do you have an actual anchor strategy in place? Get detailed suggestions on your branded, non branded breakdowns.

Domain Data

Having a look at metrics beyond just links helps you identify strong and valuable backlinks.

Top Pages

We identify top landing pages and find good opportunities to optimize low hanging fruit.

The Easiest Way To Gain & Monitor Backlinks

The traditional way is to obtain backlinks, but do you ever track them afterwards to see if those backlinks are still live, as effective and working for your SEO efforts?


Helped me organize and track my backlink strategy, rather than manually using spread sheets to merge opportunities and existing links

Daniel V.

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monitor backlinks

Backlink Overview

Get a detailed view of your websites backlink profile. Easily identify quality backlinks through our domain enrichment which provides DA, PA, TF, CF , Moz Rank and more!


Backlink SEO has solid database and provides you accurate results, with its cost comparing to others in the market, its incomparable to any other.

backlink overview

Backlink Outreach

Save hours of manual work finding opportunities, emails, creating lists, email sequences, follow ups and more by using our automated backlink out reach system. Start your campaign, monitor analytics and respond to backlink leads.

Automate Campaigns

Pros: Tracking my backlinks in one dashboard plus the ability to create automatic email campaigns to tell companies I have added a backlink.

Jorge Edel A

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backlink outreach

Competitor Insights

Ever wanted to gain in-depth insights on your competitors link profiles, domain rankings and other metric data? Our upcoming insights tool will help you see where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

Competitor Insights

The ability to track your backlinks, to check the competition, keywords and have outreach email to connect with people in your niche to collaborate is incredible.

competitor insights

Monitor Unlimited Keywords

Our system detects the heartbeat of your traffic keywords while you focus on your business. Connect google search console and monitor the impact of keywords, their organic rankings, clicks, impressions and more!

Monitor Keywords

This tool [helps you] Monitor changes in do follow status, live links, indexes, traffic changes, keywords and more!

Abhishek A.

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Monitor Changes

If your links drop, change overnight or a nofollow tag gets added to them, we notify you. With our notes you can easily identify who you got those links from, who to reach out to and how to solve the backlink issue.


I love the backlink monitoring report feature that reports to me weekly how my backlinks status such as active links, lost links, dofollow links,...thats truly important to me.

monitor backlinks

Auto Backlink Import

Connect to your google analytics and Google search console account to automatically import any traffic driving backlinks.


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backlink database

Manage Projects

Looking to support multiple clients and teams? We have you covered. Each domain is its own project, with its own dashboard and analysis. .


I have won over 50+ links in the last 2 months, pretty straight forward app in terms of getting the mail info and use ready email templates and bammm!! you will start winning links just like that

manage projects

Detailed Reporting

Looking to provide clients with branded reports on their backlink profile? Our upcoming reporting feature allows you to give clients monthly snapshots.


“Great tool with great reports”

Marcell C

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detailed reporting
The fact that the outreach is built in to the same place where I track links! Makes it easy to develop a smooth workflow using this software at the core of your backlink strategy.
Daniel V.
I like how easy it is to start monitoring backlinks on my website. All I had to do was connect my Google Analytics and Google Search Console and it fetched all my links. 
Ian K
Marketing Strategist

I'm a small business owner looking to improve my SEO on Google and this tool is helping see how to do that. It was easy to set up and the domain downtime emails have been helpful too
Joanne B
Retail Owner
Very easy to use and understand. I've been looking for a dedicated backlink tool to use in my SEO toolbox and this has been the best I have come across.
Glenn F
Web Developer

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