Build & Monitor Backlinks Easily!

We help you automate your backlink outreach and monitor your backlink profile so that  you can gain more backlinks and grow your traffic.

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Automated Outreach campaigns help you identify prospects, build outreach campaigns, and send emails all within our platform.
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Import backlinks from link campaigns, connect with Google search console and get a detailed view on your backlink profile.
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Monitor for changes in dofollow status, live links, indexes, traffic changes, keywords and more!
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Identify trends and gear your SEO efforts towards higher conversion and optimization strategies.
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Optimize Your Backlink Workflow

We save SEO teams hundreds of hours, by helping track key backlinks from paid, exchange, outreach and other campaign sources. Detect a change. Know exactly what to fix. Save additional time by automating all your backlink outreach.

Backlink Overview

Gain a birds eye view on your backlink profile with a focus on the most important links.

Link Status

The links you made are they still dofollow? Are they live? Who did you get them from? We monitor it all

Domain Data

Having a look at metrics beyond just links helps you identify strong and valuable backlinks.


Deeper insights on your backlinks, which ones are bring you customers and which can be improved.


Do you have an actual anchor strategy in place? Get detailed suggestions on which anchors to use.

Top Pages

We identify top landing pages and find good opportunities to optimize low hanging fruit.

The easiest way to Gain & Monitor Backlinks

The traditional way is to obtain backlinks, but do you ever track them afterwards to see if those backlinks are still live, as effective and working for your SEO efforts?

Automated Notifications

Get notified when an essential backlink changes status from dofollow to nofollow or goes offline.

Analytics & Trends

Monitor trends, keywords and positions as well as anchors to see how well you compare with competitors.

Domain Metrics

A single crawl reveals domain metrics to give you detailed insights on each backlink, its value and trust score.



Backlink Overview

Get a detailed view of your websites backlink profile. Easily identify quality backlinks through our domain enrichment which provides DA, PA, TF, CF , Moz Rank and more!

Automated Campaigns

Backlink Outreach

Save hours of manual work finding opportunities, emails, creating lists, email sequences, follow ups and more by using our automated backlink out reach system. Start your campaign, monitor analytics and respond to backlink leads.

Competition Beating You?

Competitor Insights*

Ever wanted to gain in-depth insights on your competitors link profiles, domain rankings and other metric data? Our upcoming insights tool will help you see where your competitors are getting thier backlinks.


Dofollow / Nofollow Monitoring

Our system detects the heartbeat of your links while you focus on your business. Get an alert when a link changes from dofollow to nofollow or gets dropped.


Link Distribution

Understand your link distribution in order to determine the pages that are in need of more backlinks. We provide you an in-depth analysis on each of your top pages and the links pointing to them.


Monitor Changes

If your links drop, change overnight or a nofollow tag gets added to them, we notify you. With our notes you can easily identify who you got those links from, who to reach out to and how to solve the backlink issue.


Auto Backlink Import

Connect to your google analytics and Google search console account to automatically import any traffic driving backlinks.


Manage Projects

Looking to support multiple clients and teams? We have you covered. Each domain is its own project, with its own dashboard and analysis. 


Detailed Reporting*

Looking to provide clients with branded reports on their backlink profile? Our upcoming reporting feature allows you to give clients monthly snapshots.
* Under development

All the Backlink tools you need…

and maybe a few you didn’t know you needed

Issues every 
business faces

Loss of Backlinks

Its frustrating when backlinks drop, its even more so when you don't know which ones and what to do about them.

Tracking Traffic Drivers

Do you know which of your pages are actually driving traffic or turning away traffic? 

Trouble Gaining Backlinks

Gaining backlinks can be really difficult. As a business owner you want to focus on your business.

Tools needed to succeed

Backlink Outreach

Automate your backlink outreach campaigns. Start a campaign and watch as backlink opportunities trickle in.

Overall Backlink Health

We make sure your websites backlink health is optimal with our detailed analysis and tootls

SEO Suggestions

Looking for better content optimization opportunities? Maybe need to rank a certain page? We give you a checklist,

your growth

Competitor Insights

Find your competitors metrics and see whats helping them grow and gain traffic. 

Detailed Dashboard

Get detailed snapshots of each backlink crawl and immediately identify spam or loss of backlinks.

Downloadable Reports

Grow your business through insightful reporting options that allow you to drill down on what matters.


Flexible pricing options to suit any business



1,000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
3 Domains
1k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
1 Outreach Campaign
All Integrations
7 Day Crawl Check
Backlink Database Access
API Access



2,500 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
9 Domains
2.5k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
All Integrations
10 Team/Client Members
9 Outreach Campaigns
7 Day Crawl Check
Backlink Database Access
API Access



6000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
20 Domains
6k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
All Integrations
25 Team/Client Members
20 Outreach Campaigns
5 Day Crawl Check
Backlink Database Access
API Access
White label Backlink Reporting*



15,000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
50 Domains
15k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
All Integrations
60 Team/Client Members
50 Outreach Campaigns
3 Day Crawl Check
Backlink Database Access
API Access
White label Backlink Reporting*
Lead Generation*
Whitelabel Audit Reports*
* Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What are domain enrichment credits?

Domain Enrichment credits are credits that allow you to gain valuable data insight on your backlink domains such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Majestic Trust flow and Majestic Citation flow. These are monthly credits that renew each month. They do not roll over. 1 credit gives you PA, DA, Moz Rank, TF and CF for a single url.

What are monitored backlinks?

Monitored backlinks are the amount of links you have added to a single project. These are the links that the system will auto crawl to find anchors, insights and will monitor changes for. You can add your quota amount each month while retaining the previous months backlinks. Deleting links does not replenish your quota. 

What is backlink database access?

We are constantly crawling the web and we provide access to our backlink database which is currently at 200billion links and counting. When you add a project domain, it auto searches our backlink database for backlinks to be auto added for monitoring. 

What are outreach campaigns?

Outreach campaigns are campaigns that you can create for backlink outreach. These easy to use campaigns come with email sequences, ready made templates as well as multiple campaign types to help you gain backlinks on autopilot. A single campaign can be connected to your Google account or SMTP of choice to send outreach emails. Your campaign limit is an account wide threshold. 

Do you provide API access?

Yes we do! You can find our documentation here
We are all about providing value, as much as we can to our users. Here are a few upcoming features that will be included and are part of our roadmap.

API Access

Our api will give you access to your projects as well as domain enrichments for backlinks and more!

Backlink Opportunity Finder

It's hard finding great opportunities to get backlinks and we realize that. Our system will find these opportunities for you! All you have to do is reach out!

Outreach Campaigns

Once you know who to reach out to, wont it be nice if you could actually do the outreach as well on automation? Just wait till we release this feature. Imagine automating all your outreach campaigns for each of your clients.


Need to provide your clients with a backlink report we got you covered. Business and agency plan members can even white-label their reports as well.

SEO Auditing

Not all auditing is created equal, we plan to start with basic page audits and grow our tool set into a auditing powerhouse that monitors your pages AND your competitors pages to identify changes in real time!

Lead Generation

Leads help us grow. You will soon be able to provide your website visitors with SEO audits and capture their leads to send to your favorite auto responder.

Enhanced Backlink Database

Currently our database stands at just over 200 billion links our goal is to reach 3 trillion within the year making us a top contender in the space.
With BacklinkSEO, you get results: get new backlinks, gain anchor insights, detect lost links, changes in link statuses, find easy to optimize pages, and increase conversions.
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