How to Get Backlinks Automatically: Top 10 SEO Link Building Strategies in 2021

June 18, 2020
Is it possible to get automatic and free backlinks? Read more to learn about our top 10 link building strategies to get backlinks automatically.

It’s no secret that link building is a strenuous process. The lion share of your SEO efforts is usually spent upon building quality links. It takes a whole lot of patience and years of hard work to create a solid backlink profile.
So, is it possible to get backlinks automatically?

gets backlinks automatically

By automatic, we refer to the methods on which you have to work the least to get backlinks. Moreover, you will soon understand that in the 10 strategies that we described, almost all of them take a lot of hard work initially.

However, once you have crossed the initial taxing stage, you will have automatic backlinks in the pipeline. Also, remember that the basic assumption of this blog is that you have quality content in the first place. So let’s get started on our top 10 proven strategies to get backlinks automatically.

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Top 10 Strategies to Get Backlinks Automatically

#1 Search For Link Roundups

Imagine sites created for the sole purpose of linking to others. Quite a dream, huh? Link roundups are simply that. A link roundup is a curated list of the best content in a particular timeframe in a specific industry. Hence, these sites are literally eager to link to you provided that you have quality content.

So, the first step is to find the link roundups that are most relevant in your industry.

How to find Relevant Link Roundups

Google the following search phrases. These strings work really well in finding the most useful link roundup website.

“The Keyword you aim for” + Link Roundup
“The Keyword you aim for” + Roundup

Other search phrases that also work fairly well are the following.

“Keyword” + Best of
“Keyword” + This Week/Month

Among tons of quality roundups, find the one that best fits you. Now, once you have found THE ONE, it’s time to pitch your content. Here is an awesome template you can use to pitch your content to the person who runs the roundup.

Hi (Insert Name)

I just got to know about your roundup website. Quality stuff you post there, mate! (the level of personalization depends on your culture and the person you are dealing with).

Well, I reached out to you, as you can imagine, because I recently posted something on (Topic Name) that might be of interest to you. (Insert the link).

Feel free to leave any feedback you might have. Anyway, keep up your good work! Take care.

(Insert your name and designation).

#2 Provide Value

You give something. You get something. Hence, find a pain point in the sites that you want to get backlinks from. Provide a specific solution as to how to fix the issues. If your solution does prove valuable, congrats! Some backlinks are on their way.

This might be the most effective way to get backlinks automatically. Here is one proven way through which you can provide value to someone and get backlinks in the process.

Broken Link Building: Help People find their Broken Links

Instead of sending out generic “please link back to me” messages, add some value in your pitch. This is where fixing broken link comes into play.

Step 1 is to download the Check My Links Google Chrome extension. Now find the most desired sites that you want to get links from. Then run the tool on the page. As you will see, the tool will highlight all the valid and broken links. Here is a random Wikipedia page that I ran my tool on.

check my links valid and broken backlinks

Now if you do find a broken link in any of the pages, checkmate! Inform the site owner about the broken link(s). And finally, offer your content as a replacement to the broken link(s).

Hi (Insert Name)

I came upon your (name of the content). To be honest, I found them really useful. Great stuff, mate! (the level of personalization depends on your culture and the person you are dealing with).

(Insert things about his/her post that you loved). However, I stumbled across some broken links. How come you never noticed? But don't worry! Here is the list.

In case you were wondering whom to link to, I have exactly what you are looking for. It would be absolutely amazing if you considered my content as a replacement for your broken links. (Insert the Link. Describe your content briefly and c

(Insert your name and designation)

#3 Create Original Studies

Original studies are great ways to get backlinks automatically. Anyone willing to use your original data has to link back to you. Having a unique report with original data instantly sets you apart from every other site. But words of caution: don’t do anything aimlessly.

Before you start preparing the report, answer the following questions.

  • Who are you designing the study for?
  • Will your audiences (and site owners) find your study relevant and useful?
  • Is your methodology up-to-date and accurate?

The easiest way to create original data is by conducting an online survey. Other methods include sampling, questionnaires, interviews, observation, and many more. Now after you compile and publish your study, try conducting an email outreach program.

Moreover, instead of objectively posting data, craft a story based on the findings. Furthermore, you can also try email outreach programs to reach the right audiences.

Visual Elements to Back the Studies

Every blogger knows how much readers love visual elements, especially crafty infographics. Moreover, there are other things that site owners love to link to. For example:

  • How-to-do videos.
  • Interactive content.
  • 2D/3D illustrations.
  • Data visualization.

All you gotta do it offer these resources to the relevant and potential sites you want to be linked with. These visual content will definitely help you stand out among generic blogs.

Some of my best articles on Neil Patel that have generated over a hundred backlinks are the ones where I have charts - Neil Patel

#4 Creating a Brand and Branded Content

If you have a unique strategy up your sleeve, be sure to tag it with a unique name. In other words, brand the strategy. Because people love to link to brands and branded content. For example, Dean Brian from Backlinko came up with a unique content strategy.

The basic assumption was that people always look for the best content in their niches. So Brian proposed a 3-step method to leverage your content to nourish your backlink profile. Simply put, the tallest skyscraper becomes the talk of the town. Now, truth be told, the idea is...well, simple. Why did it become the talk of the town?

Because had Brian not branded it, no sites would have paid much attention to it. But since he did brand the strategy with a unique name, The Skyscraper Technique, his links skyrocketed. The first post in which Brian coined the term, has been linked to over 9000 times!

backlinko backlinks

The only trick is to create quality branded content. Once your post gets mature, with the right outreach programs, you are sure to get backlinks automatically.

#5 Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

If you want to get backlinks automatically from others, you need to build links from authority news sites in your niche. Fortunately, this technique is very doable. Thanks to HARO, a news sourcing platform for journalists and bloggers.

Disclaimer: This strategy takes a lot of work. However, once you pass the first stage, it becomes a powerful strategy to get backlinks automatically at scale.

Step by Step Process of HARO

The first step is to register as a source. Once done, you will receive 3 emails per day from journalists with queries on specific topics. Now if there is a query that matches your profile, gotcha! All you have to do is send them your personalized pitch.

#6 Guest Blogging

If you are just starting out, guest blogging is one of the surest and safest ways to give your organic traffic an early boost. If you happen to find the guest blogs that let you link to your own site, you are in luck. However, there are some things you must keep in mind.

If you run an SEO site and write guest blogs on nutrition, your guest blogging, unfortunately, becomes of no use. However, you keep on writing quality content for top-ranked sites in your niche, those backlinks do help.

Now what to do about the blogs that don’t allow you to insert backlinks? The trick is to insert valuable links in your author’s bio wisely. Firstly inform readers about your WHATs and WHYs. Secondly, highlight the unique value you can add. And finally, cheers if you can insert multiple links to your site subtly and wisely.

Here is an example of a well-crafted author’s bio that can help your link building efforts.

<Insert Your Name> offers <Insert your unique values>. Known in the <Insert Industry Name> as <Your Nickname>, he/she has helped X people do <Insert past work references and testimonials>. When <Insert Your Name> is not busy doing <Insert what you do>, he/she does <Insert something funny and humorous>

Hit him/her up & share your thoughts at

How to Find the Right Guest Blogs to Write for

  1. Find people in your niche who write a lot of guest blogs.
  2. Make sure their profiles match with yours.
  3. Now copy their names/URLs of the headshot they use in the blogs one by one.
  4. Then paste it in Google Search.

Tada! You will find all his/her blogs and their respective websites served on a gold platter.

#7 Creating Long-Form Content in your Niche

More and more blogs are nowadays running short on words. However, it feels like a nuisance to me and many others. In fact, I just want a one-stop blog on the topic I am looking for. Hence, this is a sure way for you to get backlinks automatically.

Here is how you can capitalize on this ongoing loophole and stand out among bloggers. Firstly, find a topic that is 24/7 trending. A topic that is going to remain useful to many people over many years. For example, personal finance, best SEO practices, etc.

Now go deep and create long-form guides containing more than 12K words and more. The bottom line is to create something that encompasses anything and everything on the topic. Such guides help are often so impactful in nature that the readers are willing to link back to it.

The trust and authority come as free brownie points. Here is an example of a long-form content by Backlinko. This content generated over 20,000 shares over the internet and even more backlinks for the company.

backlinko SEO Guide description

#8 Pre-Outreach Programs

Now suppose you have one such epoch-making content i.e. long-form content. It is sure to get a lot of social buzz. So before publishing, you might want to consider a pre-outreach program. A pre-outreach program for high-quality content, if executed properly, is one sure way to get backlinks automatically.

For example, you can reach out to authoritative .edu domains and inform them about your post. Another great way is to leverage your social media contacts. Hence, you can resort to multichannel promotion. Moreover, you can also consider warm email outreach programs for your existing contacts who previously linked to you or regularly does.

Therefore, creating a buzz and suspense around your content inspires people to read your content instantly once it goes live. And once they do, more people follow.

#9 Podcasts and Interviews

Online interviews and podcasts are the new trends in town. If you have been in your industry for a while, you perhaps get a lot of invitations for appearing in podcasts or online interviews. However, the basic assumption is that you post authoritative content.

If you do get such invitations, do not be hasty in accepting or turning them down. The sure way to channel podcast audiences to your site is to find the podcast that best matches your profile. For instance, a big chunk of Neil Patel’s backlinks come from podcasts.

#10 .Edu Resource Pages

We all know how valuable a .edu domain is. The first step is to find a reference page that best fits your site profile. You must remember that the content you produce for this resource page must be semi-formal and extremely informative. Something a university student would find relevant and useful.

Secondly, reach out to the webmaster of the resource page. 3 out every 5 .edu sites include the email address of the webmaster. In case there isn't one, reach out to the official authority with your request.

Finally, create your pitch. As said before, personalize your email, but this time in a formal manner. Be sure not to overwhelm the webmaster. Don’t insist; rather show why your content is the best fit for the resource page.

However, keep in mind that outreach campaigns to .edu domains have only a 5-10% initial success rate. Be mentally prepared because getting a backlink from a .edu domain takes hard work. Nevertheless, it absolutely pays off in the end.

Because Google values these backlinks very highly. Moreover, readers also consider your site an authoritative one. Furthermore, even one or two .edu domain can boost your SEO efforts significantly.

Final Thoughts

The link building process takes years and years. In case you are not getting overnight hits in your backlink profile, just hang in there, buddy! Like we said, creating a solid backlink profile takes insane creativity, mad meticulousness, loads of hard work, and awesome human skills.

Now we would love to hear from you as well. If you have a favorite link building strategy or any question, do let us know. And since you have come this far, it looks like you need help with your link building efforts.

So if you need a backlink monitoring tool that can help you gain control over your backlink profile or any help with your link building campaign, feel free to visit BacklinkSEO or contact us.

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