How To Monitor Backlinks Effectively

Let's take a quick dive on how to set up your project and get started on monitoring your backlinks!
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Add Your Domain

Creating your project and adding a domain allows you to get started in tracking your backlink profile.

Auto Find Backlinks

We are constantly crawling the web and building our backlink profile. When you add your domain for the first time, we will cross check our data base for backlinks. Our current database is over 250Billion links and counting. This equates to reasonable data being found for older domains.

Connect with Google

Connecting your domain and sourcing data from google analytics and google search console allows you to get more in-depth looks at your project. The system will bring in google data such as analytics and page views as well as other search data.

Add Additional Links

You can always add additional links that you recently acquired or links that didn't automatically pull up from the cross check. Adding links is simple, you can copy paste a list of urls or upload a single column CSV with urls as well.

Automated Alerts & Domain Overview

An overview snapshot helps you identify where you have lost or gained backlinks. You can also see if your links have changed from dofollow to nofollow as well.

You also get emails after each crawl so you can identify any changes to links.

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