How to run an automated mention campaign with BacklinkSEO

December 2, 2020
A step by step guide on how to run a mention campaign using BacklinkSEO's automated system. From finding contacts to applying email sequences - BacklinkSEO has it all.

Mention campaigns are THE tools for building your backlink outreach. To run a mention campaign, all you need to do is to find out prospects and ask them to link back to you.

But is the task really that easy?

Well, yes but no.

You need to list the prospects, find their contacts, write them personal messages, wait for them to read and respond, and follow up. This can take up tremendous time and energy.

Fortunately, the time for a manual listing of these is gone, and BacklinkSEO is here to help you with its automated system of finding contacts and setting up email sequences. This post will give you a walkthrough of how to run a mention campaign with BacklinkSEO.

Let’s get started!

What is a Mention Campaign?

A mention campaign, or a mention outreach campaign, is a wonderful tool with which you can reach out to the websites you have mentioned in your blog post as outbound links or backlinks and ask them for a backlink in return.

Why use BacklinkSEO for your Outreach Campaign?

BacklinkSEO has an incredible automated setup that will help you to reduce your manual labor to a remarkable extent. The embedded bot does everything automatically that were previously done manually using an Excel sheet:

  • Pulling up post details and keywords
  • Analyzing outbound links and listing them according to the website
  • Finding the social media addresses of the websites.
  • Picking up contacts from the linked posts
  • Sending out emails that you can personalize for each contact
  • Automating follow-ups and responses for the emails.

How to run a Mention Campaign with BacklinkSEO

BacklinkSEO is your all-in-one solution for backlink-building, monitoring, and outreach campaigns. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can run a mention campaign with BacklinkSEO.

1. Create a Campaign

First, create an account in BacklinkSEO. Now log in and go to the campaign tab to initiate your campaign. You will find a New Campaign option on the left side. Click on the tab and you will find boxes asking you for information about your campaign.

A) Name your Campaign

Since you might be running campaigns for multiple projects, and you need to be able to differentiate all of those. So choose a different name for each campaign you are going to run.

B) Choose your campaign type according to your need

Right under the campaign name box, you will see your campaign type options. And each option has its own descriptions, so feel free to explore.

campaign types

For example, there are websites that mention tools for specific purposes, and if your post happens to feature one of those tools, you can offer your post to that website with the ‘Tools’ option. You can ask websites for reviews with the ‘Get Reviewed’ option. With ‘The Skyscraper Technique’, you can offer your post to sites that have mentioned backlinks to posts that do not have updated information anymore.

Since we are talking about mention outreach in this post, let’s stick to ‘building meaningful relationships’.

C) Post the URL to your article and see what happens!

After you choose your campaign type option, post the URL to your article in the designated box and wait for the bot to do its work.

What the automated system does after you post the URL:

· Pulls up the title and category

The most basic details of a post, the title, and category, are spotted by the system in the first go.

· Displays post details

Apart from the title and category, the system will also find out the name of the author, publishing date, and time of the post, and specific keywords.

· Analyzes all the backlinks the post has mentioned

And this is the most fantastic part! The system will list all the external links mentioned in your post and sort them according to websites. Previously, this was all manual – you had to find out all the links manually and create worksheets to list them and analyze them one by one, but now, it is a matter of seconds with BacklinkSEO’s automated system.

backlinks in your post

2. Find contacts – the system will do it for you!

This terribly tiresome job was a manual job, too, once, when dinosaurs roamed in the streets and mammoths broke into people’s gardens. Now BacklinkSEO’s automated system finds the contacts and lists them for you.

After your outbound links are listed, select any particular website you want from which you listed links. You can connect to your Hunter API, Snovio API, or OneMoreLead and click ‘Get Contacts’. The system will find you the contacts affiliated with the website. Along with their email addresses. You can edit the contacts as well.

There is a contact tab on your left-hand side and all your contacts are saved there. Select your desired contacts from there.

contacts to run a mention campaign

3. Explore your options in customizing

Now that you have all your desired contacts, it’s time to start the real work – customizing your options. How much time do you want to wait before sending a follow-up email? How do you want your email sequence to be?

Since we want mentions and backlinks, let’s go with the Share and Backlink sequence type. There are different parameters for the email templates, the waiting period, and the follow-up email. Choose according to your need.

edit campaign specifications

Of course, you can edit everything later on if you feel the need to do so.

4. Write a personalized email for each contact

Let me tell you this – all your efforts are in vain if you do not have a well-articulated personalized email for each of our contacts.

Imagine getting such a generic email:

Generic email template

And imagine getting one like this:

Personalized good email

The difference is stark clear. In the first one, the writer did not even bother finding out your name. He/she claims to have read your article, but where is the proof? For all you know, he/she might just have read the title and known what your topic is, thought of it as an opportunity for his/her own blog or website, and knocked you.

Zero sincerity, zero interest in building a meaningful relationship.

Also notice that the generic mail has nothing to say about the value his/her post has to offer. It asks you to go check it out and find out. Isn’t that a little too much work? Even one or two lines on what exclusive thing his/her blog mentions about the particular topic would have been enough to pique your interest.

Check this article out to know why generic templates will only deter your audience.

And give this article by John Doherty a read to know what kind of emails you should absolutely avoid sending!

Look at the second, personalized one on contrary. The author addresses you personally. With whatever he/she has mentioned about your post, it is clear that he/she has read it in-depth and really knows the value you offer. Clearly, this is the sign of the starting of a good relationship, and you can definitely give it a go.

The best thing here is that you can connect your Google accounts with the interface, so if you are running 10 different campaigns, you can connect with 10 different accounts – no limits.

5. Launch the campaign!

And now everything’s set, it’s time to launch your campaign! You can schedule the campaign according to your convenience, or even launch it right away.

Another fantastic thing is that you can go to the campaign tab later on to see your analytics – how many people opened your emails, how many emails have bounced, how many have clicked on the link included in the email (if any), and so on.

mention campaign analytics

You can check out this video to get a more visualized idea of mention outreach campaigns.

And here you go now!

When you run a mention campaign, it does not only bring you a single backlink, it opens your door to a whole new range of audience. And if you build a meaningful relationship and keep coming up with consistently good content, this reciprocity can take your blog a long way.

Why don’t you give it a try with BacklinkSEO? Create an account and join in today!

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