Top Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a food enthusiast willing to share your thoughts? Or a food blogger trying to build a portfolio? We present to you a list of food blogs that accept guest posts!

Guest Blogging is an amazing way for you to get the exposure you need and build your online influence. Whether you are just starting off or already have a blog of your own - guest blogging and backlinking can always be of use.

It will not only help you get quality traffic but will also help you build your domain name and search engine authority.

So, if you are willing to build your portfolio through guest writing, we offer you a whole list of the best food blogs that you can choose from.

To list, these are 9 reliable food blogs that accept guest posts -

So, let us dive into the details and see what these blog sites have to offer to you.

1. Menuism

Domain Authority: 51

Menuism is a platform remarkably known for posting reviews of restaurants as well as their menu and dishes that they offer. Starting from rating the food and restaurant, Menuism offers branding, journal, blogs, and a lot more - all in one stage.

alt = '' Menuism food blogs that accept guest post ''

So, what does Menuism Have to offer to you as a guest blogger?

How to submit a guest post :

It is a very simple process. Firstly, understand the writing style by going through the blog content. Then you can Pitch a short paragraph of your intended post along with your name and a short bio of yourself and mail it to them at Within 2 weeks they will contact you for further procedures.

2. The Disney Food Blog

Domain Authority: 51

If you are a big Disney fan, and love to Disneyland and its food - this is the right place for you.

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Disney Food Blogs offers in-depth news, reviews, and information about food and restaurants in Disney’s parks, resorts, and cruise ships. They also have reviews and photographs of and about anything food-related in Disney parks, resorts, movies, and events.

They are very welcoming as a food blog that accepts guest posts and reviews.

However, a huge drawback might be that it can take up to 6 months before your article is posted.

How to Submit a Guest Post:

Before submitting your post, you must ensure that the topic hasn't already been covered and also make a note of the format and tone used in their reviews.

Then you can submit your topic idea along with a short to webmaster at for review. Once your topic is accepted, send the complete post to them via the email address under the Post Submission sub headline.

3. The Master Cleanse

Domain Authority: 44

The Master Cleanse is an online magazine about The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) cleansing program, cleansing in general, detox diets and alternative health management.

They are very inviting about guest posts and features blogs about reviews and recipes about healthy foods, tips and tricks, and a lot more.

The blog has subcategory divisions for you to choose from. You can submit a blog about the following topics -

Moreover, they will give you the credits by adding your name as the author of the blogs you write. Also, You can include a link to your website in your byline.

alt = '' master cleanse food blogs that accept guest post ''

How to Submit a Guest Post:

You will find a list of available topics in articles wanted page. From there you can select a topic. Also, make sure that you make yourself accustomed to the published content of the website to get an idea of the format. Then you can send your submission to them in that same page. To list, it is best to keep it within 1,500 words.

4. Eat Drink Better

Domain Authority: 53

alt = '' food blogs that accept guest post ''

This is a unique food blog that focuses on food sustainability. The blog is dedicated to caring about what’s on our plates and its impact on our bodies, society, and the planet.

They are very welcoming towards food blogs and guest post. You can share content about food recipes, reviews, and a lot more.

In fact, they have an interesting range of topics for you to choose from -

  1. Sustainability
  2. Food Justice
  3. Food politics and policy
  4. Animal rights
  5. factory farming
  6. Gardening/farming

As a guest writer, you will gain enough exposure and build a domain name.

How to submit a guest post :

To submit a guest post, you are expected to send an email along with three of your writing samples and your bio - it is that easy!

5. So Good Blogs

Domain Authority: 49

So Good Blog is another unique blog that is not limited to Food review. Instead it focuses more on interesting and unique topics. At the same time, it takes a strong interest in observing how food companies market and advertise products.

This Website offers intriguing and happening blogs on topics like -

  1. Unique Recipes
  2. Food industry gossip
  3. Food news
  4. Holiday meals
  5. Food conquests stories and more

The best part is that they are always looking to add guest writers for their blogs. Indeed, writing for them could be very beneficial to you.

How to Submit a Guest Post:

You can find a list of topics on the guidelines page. Your article should be well-written, inspiring, unique, and at least have 500 words. Simply fill out the form on the guidelines page or mail them a sample or link to your writings.

6. The Kitchen

Domain Authority: 84

The Kitchn is a daily food magazine that publishes up to 20 short articles every day. It is one of the most popular food blogs that accept guest posts. In fact, the Kitchn is handled by a diverse team of editors, writers, recipe developers, and photographers.

Their main focus is to inform and inspire every aspect of home cooking including -

  1. Recipes
  2. Cooking lessons
  3. Meal Plan
  4. Diet charts
  5. Product reviews
  6. Kitchen design and renovation advice

You can gain a lot of benefits by posting on their blog -

alt = '' The Kitchn food blog guest writers''

How to Submit a Guest Post:

You can easily share your kitchen project or ideas by ticking the relevant boxes on the submissions page and then clicking on the “Send Us Your Request” link on the submissions page. There you can attach or write your samples and send them.

7. Naturally Savvy

Domain Authority: 54

This website offers a dedicated blog focused on a healthy lifestyle. It aims to provide a safe and reliable environment to find the latest news on healthy living. If you are a health-conscious blogger, NaturallySavvy is the place for you.

alt = '' naturally savvy food blogs that accept guest post ''

Being a guest writer at NaturallySavvy has a lot of advantages alongside improving your writing skills.

How to Submit a Guest Post:

You have to write a review or blog on topics that suit their website for instance natural and organic products. Then you have to fill out the form on the write for us page, submit your sample, and wait for a reply.

8. FamilyCorner

Domain Authority: 50

alt = '' familycorner food blogs that accept guest post ''

FamilyCorner, as you can tell by the name, is a website focused on all things Family. Consequently, a huge section of the website focuses on Food and nutrition.

They are very welcoming towards guest bloggers and are always looking for family-centric writers. As a guest blogger, you can contribute by submitting blogs and articles about Food reviews, recipes, diet and meal plans, healthy food habits, and a lot more.

Here is what you get as a guest writer -

How to Submit a Guest Post:

Submissions to FamilyCorner is very easy, you write a sample and send it to Make sure you proofread and use proper formatting, and also keep the article length between 700 and 1,100 words.

9. More Than A Mouthfull

Domain Authority: 50

If you are a food and travel blogger, More than Mouthfull is just the right website for you. It is a blog that focuses on food, travel, and lifestyle. And the best part is, it is a food blog that accepts guest posts.

As a guest writer, you can choose to write about different specialties that you’ve tried while traveling, food reviews, and critic, and even about the organic lifestyle.

So, what benefits can you get as a Guest Writer On the Blog?

alt = '' more than a mouthfull food blog ''

How to Submit a Guest Post:

Select your topic, and compose an article including 2 high-quality, royalty-free, and relatable images. The length of your article should be a minimum of 700 words After you’re done writing your article, send it over to

All of these discussed food blogs have a relevant domain authority and a huge audience. Hence, guest posting in these blogs can be very beneficial for you; whether you want to improve your website SEO by driving traffic through backlinking or want to increase your social influence as a blogger.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other food blogs that accept guest posts. Also, a lot of lifestyle blogs accept guest posts for their food section.

Some other notable sites include -

We believe that this comprehensive list of food blogs that accept guest posts helped you out to find the ideal blog for you to feature your submissions. Now, the next step for you is to get your inner foodie on to creating some amazing content!